5 Honda Prelude Parts That Break More Often

Honda Prelude Parts

Regular maintenance is necessary for car owners, as parts are susceptible to break down over the long term. For those that own a Honda Prelude, here are five Honda Prelude parts that may break down more often over time.

1. Your brakes will wear out due to long-term use. As such, you will want to regularly inspect the pads to ensure they don’t have any scores or grooves, as this will be an indication it’s time to change them. Additionally, if they make a loud screeching sound when applying the pedal you know it’s time to change them.

2. Honda Prelude rims can damage easily, therefore, you may have to replace them often. Luckily, they are cheap Honda parts, so it won’t break the bank to replace them.

3. Your windshield wipers will be one of the Honda Prelude parts you’ll have to replace the most. Most experts recommend changing your wiper blades every six to 12 months. A good way to see if they need replacement is to watch how they wipe moisture off the windshield. If they leave streaks it’s a sign it’s time to replace them.

4. Other Honda Prelude parts you’ll want to replace regularly are your air filters. Depending on where you drive, you may have to replace these once a year. To determine whether it’s time to change them, pull it out and inspect it. If you notice the filter has tons of dirt, then it’s time to replace it. However, if it appears slightly dirty, do not change it as air filters with some dirt operate more efficiently than brand new ones.

5. Lastly, tires make the list of Honda Prelude parts you’ll want to replace often. While the regularity of how many times you replace your tires has to do with road conditions, weather and driving style, you’ll want to measure your tire treads often to determine when it’s time for replacement. To do this, place a penny into the tread. If the tread covers none of Lincoln’s head it’s time for new tires.

Luckily, replacing parts on this model are inexpensive and easy to do. By reading the Honda Prelude review it can help you determine what are the strengths and weakness of the car, as well learn about any performance issues that may arise with your Honda Prelude engine. Ultimately, if you do regular inspections on these components it can help you stay up to date on maintenance, while also keeping you safe on the road.