5 Honda Accord Performance Parts That You May Need To Upgrade

Honda Accord Performance Parts

Depending on your use for your ride, upgrading to Honda Accord performance parts might be a good step. This is the case if you are looking for better speed, handling and overall driving performance.

To begin, you’ll want to select parts based on your model type. Therefore, if you have say a Honda Accord Crosstour or a Honda Accord Hybrid, be sure to select the right model that way you can see which parts are appropriate for your wheels.

For those in the market for upgrades, here are five parts you should consider upgrading.

1. When looking for great performing Honda Accord accessories, one part you must upgrade is your air filter. A better air filter can provide improved horsepower and acceleration. Best of all, it can protect your engine, as it provides better airflow.

2. Braking is another component you will want to upgrade. By selecting Honda Accord performance parts like a Powerstop Brake Disc and Pad Kit, it ensures you will stop on a dime. Moreover, with quieter braking, you will enjoy the ride more.

3. If you are looking for cheap Honda parts to upgrade your ride, your headlight bulbs are a good place to start. With products like the Recon Headlight Bulb, you can enjoy a light that gives a much better range than the factory installed model while also enjoying unsurpassed durability, as these can go up to 11,000 hours before you have to replace them.

4. Honda Accord performance parts you want should also help to improve your engines torque and power. By replacing the factory cold air intake, with a model from K&N, you can accomplish this.

5. Lastly, you should choose Honda Accord Performance parts that will improve your ride quality. Replacing your factory springs with ones from Eibach will bring your vehicle lower to the ground for a tight, more controlled feel. Additionally, the spring provides a smoother ride that way you can zip around corners or bury the needle with ease.