10 Best Small Sedan Cars For Girls

Best Small Sedan Cars

Sedans are great cars to buy as they offer much in the way of style and safety features. For girls looking for a dependable and fun ride they can be a great option as they take up less space then the best mid size sedan, and are among the best fuel efficient cars on the road.

Here is a look at the best small sedan models.

1. Nissan is a great manufacturer in that they make excellent rides at affordable prices. Along with their Nissan Sentra models, the Versa is a great choice as it has outstanding fuel efficiency and a cheap price tag.

2. Among the best small sedan cars is the Hyundai Accent. This is one of the best 4 door sedan models as it boasts a fuel efficiency of up to 40 mpg on the highway and has a sharp appearance.

3. The Ford Fiesta offers the best in driving performance with superb handling and low wind noise. Additionally, the roomy and comfortable interior is perfect for drivers.

4. Another one of the best small sedan cars comes from Kia. Their Rio model is inexpensive and has many features girls will love like an aggressive design and enough power to make this an exhilarating ride.

5. The Chevrolet Sonic is the newest model and it has awesome features like your choice in engines, a fun design and great electronic features. Best of all, you can buy a brand new one for under $14,000.

6. Another Kia model to make the list of best small sedan rides is the Forte. It comes equipped with a powerful engine, easy to reach and maneuver controls and outstanding safety components like linear braking.

7. The Suzuki SX4 is sporty and functional. It is a hatchback model meaning drivers will love all the versatility this car offers in the way of storage. It is also a great buy for its fuel efficiency as it can get up to 33 mpg on the highway.

8. Mazda has a reputation for making sharp looking rides. Their Mazda 3 is a perfect illustration of this. Along with the visually appealing exterior, drivers will love the sporty feel this ride provides them.

9. The Honda Civic is one if not the most reliable model on this list. Honda makes cars that stand the test of time while also providing a cool design, innovative electronic features and great ride performance that drivers will love.

10. The last to make the list is the Toyota Corolla. This is a sharp looking car that has good safety features and a fast engine making this appealing for younger female drivers.