10 Best Luxury Sedans Ever Built

Best Luxury Sedans

When looking for the best luxury sedans ever built keep in mind that most of the current models offer much more in the way of amenities than their predecessors did. This results in better rides with ample components drivers will enjoy.

Moreover, many have the same features as the best luxury crossover models, yet they are less expensive. For those looking for the best luxury sedans here are ten awesome models.

1. The first to make the list is the Hyundai Genesis as it has outstanding features like RWD dynamics and braking response. Further, customers will love the interior as it is roomy and has many electronic gadgets to make your trip fun.

2. The Chrysler 300C provides a timeless look with innovative tools like a Touring-tuned suspension to provide drivers with excellent handling. This is perfect for those wanting a powerful and sharp looking ride.

3. Among the best luxury sedans ever built is the Lincoln MKS. It has a twin-turbo V6 engine that is fuel efficient while providing plenty of power.

4. One of the best mid size sedan models is the Acura TL. Customers will love the aggressive styling, AWD performance and sharp interior design this car has.

5. When looking for the best luxury hybrid cars a great option to choose is the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid. Along with it being fuel efficient, it offers drivers a smooth and quiet ride.

6. Infiniti has a reputation for making cars with design features that set them apart from other brands. Additionally, you will enjoy specialized components on their G25 like Foul-weather traction, which will protect you in inclement conditions.

7. The Mercedes C350 combines the best in luxury stylings with excellent performance. One of the draws to this model is the Intuitive Command System.

8. Audi has designed their S8 to be their most powerful sedan to date. They installed a twin-turbo V8 that will boast outstanding power that results in exhilarating driving experiences.

9. The Jaguar XJ is among the best luxury sedans due to its refined style. Further, it comes equipped with a High-tech LCD instrument panel that makes the interior functional and stylish.

10. The last to make the list is the BMW 328i sedan. This car comes with top of the line features like Bluetooth, a heated steering wheel and a Heels Multi-Spoke Style Alarm System.