10 Best Best Car Loan Rates For Used Cars

Best Car Loan Rates

When shopping for used cars, factoring and sticking to your budget are important steps in the car buying process. By finding affordable car insurance and the best interest rates for car loans, this can ensure you receive a good deal on your next set of wheels.

Here are the best car loan rates for used cars.

1. The first place you want to visit is your local credit union as they have low interest car loans. Often times, you can find better rates here than you would at local banks.

2. For military families, USAA is a great place to receive the best car loan rates. Their services are superb and they work hard to keep their costs low so customers can receive the best terms on loans.

3. If you have a great relationship with your local bank they would be a great place to go. Banks often offer great terms to those that have been loyal to them for years.

4. Your local dealer is also a good place to visit as they can negotiate with many different lenders to give you a favorable deal on a loan. This is a good option for those looking for student car loans.

5. My Auto Loan is a great website to receive the best car loan rates as it does the shopping for you and provides up to four quotes. From there you can select the best option.

6. If you have bad credit you can go to Auto Credit Express. They specialize in helping people with troubled credit histories. As long as you have a full time job and score of higher than 550, there’s a good chance they will be able to assist you.

7. Up2Drive is great in that you apply for credit and once approved, they send you a check. From there you can take it to your dealer and pay for the car you want. Additionally, they offer competitive rates that are often better than what dealers can provide you.

8. Lending Tree is an excellent place as they can help you find the best car loan rates. They also are a one stop resource as they assist you in every step of the car buying process.

9. Bank of America has competitive terms on their loans. For used cars, rates can be in the 3% range if you have great credit, a good loan to value and your loan term is up to 60 months.

10. The last to make the list is Capital One. Depending on your loan term and credit score you could receive an interest rate of between 4 and 5%.